Friday, May 30, 2014

Who speaks for the minivan?

"Start seeing minivans" is a bell ringing. 

My hometown, Saint Paul, Minnesota, for the past couple of decades has spent its time and my treasure making sure pedestrians, bikers, joggers, skateboarders and any mode of traveler, other than the motor vehicle drivers, have had every whim, restricted lane, traffic circle and rabbit hole of expenditure met while forgetting about the father or mother coming home from work, going to a hockey game, Scout meeting, choir concert or science fair. This got me thinking:

Who speaks for the minivan? Who speaks for the Suburban full of kids? Who speaks for the Urban family?

Well I hope to. And not just about Saint Paul removing 70 miles of street lanes over the past 20 years but about the Urban family. Married 20 years, five kids, active in my Church, the kids schools, sports, scouts and other activities I hope to provide this prospective.

I love living in this City and hope to provide some reasons why. 


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